Online all Year & In-person Sept 19 & 20, 2020


The Lakeland Builders Association presents new options for the 2020 annual Parade of Homes.

HOMES- Virtual tour online & in-person tour

  • This option is for the builder where public entry into the home on a single weekend is allowed, with specific safety procedures in place, and a photographer is allowed to enter the home for a session to create a digital 3-D tour of every room/space. These homes should be in or near Walworth County for a scattered-site, safe, in-person tour. Full details in the contract package.

HOMES- Virtual tour only

  • This option is for the builder where there will be no public entry into the home but would allow a photographer to enter the home for a session to create a digital 3-D tour. The home can be located nearly anywhere the photographer can drive within an hour of Lake Geneva, WI.

PROJECTS- Virtual tour online only

  • This option is for the builder or other company who has completed a single, interior room or a single, exterior space like an outdoor kitchen or deck, landscaping or other exterior project/remodel. A photographer would be allowed to enter the home for a session to create a digital 3-D tour or photo gallery (there are some limitations on exterior photography and 3-D technology).

FEATURED PRODUCTS- Photo and text online

  • This is an option for LBA members to promote the latest product(s) they offer. It is meant to educate online visitors about potential products for a repair, remodel or building a new home and the businesses that provide them.

​LBA will maintain each participant’s online presence, on the LBA website, for one year or until the next year’s Parade event. 3-D tours can be renewed annually, by the participant for future use.


  • LBA has documented history of reaching and engaging large audiences online in specific and targeted markets with past events including the Parade and Home Expo. Don't miss an opportunity to invite visitors to see your work and then walk through your business' website front door. 

  • LBA is pivoting for success because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Implementing safety guidelines, creating online virtual tours and offering additional projects and products for home remodeling, maintenance or future building, enhances the visitors experience and your marketing opportunity.

  • The goal is to push traffic online, safely in-person where possible and to all participant websites which is your virtual front door.

Plan to Participate

Download the full contract package with all the guidelines, rules, forms and details. Complete the forms and pay online or by check. 
Deadline for forms and payment: July 30, 2020.

Reap the Benefits - Be a Sponsor

Reap the benefits of a motivated audience by being a sponsor of LBA's annual Parade of Homes.

  • Multiple levels available at multiple price points.

  • A year-long presence online and in-person for one weekend where possible.

  • Branding opportunities, tangible value and extra perks.

  • Get noticed before, during and after the Parade of Homes.

Download the full sponsor package with details and form.​

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