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Molidor Custom Builders, Inc. - W5475 Rocky Road, Elkhorn



W5475 Rocky Road, Elkhorn 

Total Square Feet: 3,600 








Molidor Custom Builders, Inc 

219 55th St., Clarendon Hills, IL 60154 

(630) 789-1500


About The Home: 

This is a dream home for my family. I’ve always wanted to live on a lake and Lauderdale Lakes is just fantastic.  The narrow lot posed a real challenge for all of my trades with the steep grades. We wanted a home that was inviting to both family and friends and for future grandchildren.  My wife and I wanted an open floor plan with family room windows that did not have muntins.   


Having built a LEED home a few years ago, I duplicated as many energy efficiencies as possible. I also made the home as maintenance-free as possible.  All the bedrooms have a view of the lake—this is tough to do on a narrow lot.  We even made a cozy 2-bed space for the grandkids. You’ll want to check out the storage room that’s adjacent to one of the bedrooms.


​​I also would like to thank my fellow builder, Randy Thelen and realtor Karen Ostermeier for helping me get acquainted with many of the trades. Being from LaGrange, IL and now having a lake home in LaGrange, WI, posed some challenges and they were both life-savers for me!

About the Builder     


Tom Molidor has been providing award-winning homes and additions since 1987. Each of his projects are designed to meet the customer’s distinct personal tastes and lifestyles.  Only the finest materials are used on every project. This dedication assures you’ll receive exactly what you want -- a professional, custom crafted home–on time and within budget.

"We work one-on-one with our clients to create the home of their dreams," Tom states. "A special feature of Molidor Custom Builders is the capability of our clients with award-winning architectural and interior design services. We're confident these services provide added value t every home because each project is specifically tailored to our client's requirements."


What makes us different? “Empathy—I always try and put myself in my client’s shoes. Also, I’m always going to give my client my opinion—even though it may contradict what they want.”


Tom teaches an Adult Ed Class and offers the following advice: “I always emphasize to my students to choose the builder they feel most comfortable. Almost all the custom builders have similar trades and price points that they work with. You will be living with your builder for many months and it’s imperative you all get along and communicate freely."


Directions to Home: 


Go north on Hwy 12/67 out of Elkhorn. 


Turn west (left) on Plantation Road.


Continue on Lost Nation Road. Take one corner left and continue on Lost Nation Road.


Turn right on Phillip Ct and park. A Shuttle will take you to the home.


There is no parking available near this home. PARKING is extremely limited and all guests are asked to park at the vacant cul de sac and wait for a shuttle.



Phone: 262-723-2908​

Email: info@lakelandba.com

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