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LBA has set up a Spare Parts Garage on Facebook for the purpose of selling donated construction materials and other worthwhile products as another source of non-dues revenue.

GO TO the Spare Parts Garage on Facebook

Keep in mind, we're just getting started and the page is about to grow.

If you have product that is unwanted, left over, wrong size or otherwise taking up space in your business, get rid of the inventory to make way for new products and donate it to LBA. You'll receive a letter thanking you for your donation with the value for your potential tax deduction. LBA will sell it and keep the revenue. 

We ask that you provide one or more photos of the product, a suggested selling price with the minimum amount for which it should be sold and a complete written description including pick up directions so LBA can coordinate with the buyer. LBA will take care of the rest. You'll be contacted when the item is sold and LBA will coordinate pick up with the buyer. 

Donation Form and Submission
Upload Image
Thank you for your donation!
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