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Wed, April 13 | 5:30-7:30 pm

Evergreen Country Club

N6246 Hwy 12/67, Elkhorn, WI

Steve Bench Headshot.jpeg

National Speaker

Steve Bench

"The Millennial Guy"

Attracting Tomorrow’s Talent with Today’s Leaders 
This keynote session focuses on talent attraction and workforce retention by building understanding of who we are, how we were raised, and how each generation views “work” as a part of their identity.


Learn talent attraction and retention strategies to overcome generational differences and attract Millennial and Gen Z employees and keep them from leaving!


Adulthood has changed, and depending on one's life stage, they might prioritize their lifestyle over their career... So how do you manage and motivate someone who may not be as committed to their job as previous generations?


This session will give you the answers!

High Energy

Fun, Educational

Learning Outcomes

  • Manage Generational Differences with improved understanding of each generation, especially highlighting Millennial and Gen Z employees and customers.

  • Identify Areas of Generational Conflict to manage the needs of all the generations at work.

  • Develop a Talent Attraction Strategy: Learn tangible ways to build a work culture that engages Gen X leadership and highlights Boomer experience to demonstrate your company rewards hard work and loyalty with career develop and pathways for growth. 

  • Develop a Talent Retention Strategy: Retain talent by engaging Millennials and keep them from leaving by showing them pathways for how they can thrive in your organization.     

  • Takeaway Deliverables: Attendees are provided with full slides, including information to access all reference articles, studies and materials used to create this training session.


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$25 per person
Includes appetizers, one beverage and presentation.

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