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Top Reasons To Do Business With An Active Lakeland Builders Association Member

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Contributed By Melody Fehling, Thelen Total Construction, Elkhorn, WI

1. They support the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) at the local, state and national levels.

2. They volunteer time and talent to help the association accomplish its goals.

3. They help expand the association, by recruiting their colleagues and business contacts to become members.

4. They serve on committees and councils gaining valuable networking opportunities while helping to advance the association’s mission.

5. By doing so, they increase the value of the association for all members in LBA

6. They are strong supporters of local and state PACs and BUILD-PAC.

7. They support the association through sponsorships of events and advertising.

8. As industry partners, they are a valuable resource for business and management information.

9. They are heavily invested in your business success. You win - they win!

Why wouldn’t you do business with an Associate member? United we make a difference, with dedication to advancing and promoting the building industry’s purpose and professionalism.

September is Lakeland Builders Association Associate Month

Membership in LBA is comprised of Builder members and Associate members. Associate members are the companies and people who work with the Builder members. They are the trades and suppliers. They are the banks, law firms and accounting firms builders depend on. They are a vital and integral part of LBA, and much appreciated for all that they do for the association!

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