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What sets an LBA Member apart?

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Thinking of improving your home or building new? Who do you talk to? Who can you trust? In the “reputation economy” reviews can be very helpful – but you also need to be careful of “fake reviews”. One more step to take is to find out if the contractor / service provider is a member of LBA. Why?


Consumers trust LBA members because they have met certain requirements set by the LBA. This includes background checks, financial history, and interviews.


LBA members are dedicated to professionalism. Members have years of experience, as well as memberships in the Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA), and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).


LBA members promote and encourage the strongest level of business ethics and are held to high standards of personal and business conduct within the industry.


All members of the LBA must abide by industry standards set forth by the Association. These standards relate to the materials and workmanship to which local builders adhere under local building codes.


LBA members are on the cutting edge of their industry. They stay current on the latest changes in products, technology, building codes/regulations, legislation and consumer preferences


LBA members benefit from continuing education, updates on building codes, standards, and regulations as well as seminars providing the latest trends and practices.


The annual LBA Home Expo is a great resource for consumers seeking the latest information on home products, materials and services. The annual LBA Parade of Homes is a wonderful opportunity to see the latest in home design and innovations by LBA members.


LBA members live and work in your community. They are involved in and give to many local charitable organizations. In addition, many members partner with the local schools to provide scholarships and job opportunities.

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