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Kitchen Design Trends in 2019

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Kitchens are the focal point of any home. From cooking to catching up with family and friends, this room is at the center of attention. If you are interested in adding some pizazz to your current cooking space, here are a few top trends in kitchen design this year.

Colors and Finishes

Single hues are passé. Design features with bold colors are the most desired in kitchens this year. Designers are mixing and matching different colors all around the kitchen. This vibrant style is not limited to wall paint. From cabinet to island colors, a unique and distinctive look is what you’ll find in modern kitchens throughout 2019.

When it comes to kitchen finishes, metallics continue to gain in popularity. Used in everything from lighting to hardware, metallics invite a fresh look. Home owners are no longer limited to the standard metallic hues. Kitchen manufacturers have added a variety of tones to their products, from black gold to polished rose bronze.

Cabinets and Sinks

Storage space is part of the functionality of any kitchen, but how much is too much? Fewer cabinets are trending in kitchens this year. Cooking spaces without upper cabinets add a modern design element. Minimalist is key. Fewer cabinets, in some kitchens, also make the room feel clear of clutter. Not all trend-setting kitchens this year have sacrificed storage space, though. Floating shelves are another eye-catching alternative.

When it comes to details, designers are transforming everything, including the kitchen sink! Kitchen designers are taking options for this long-ignored staple to another level. One color is topping the list for sinks this year: black. Utility is key for any kitchen sink, but adding a bold dark finish elevates any basin.


Sharing or making a meal can start or end at the kitchen island. Home owners have moved kitchen islands from their “nice-to-have” to their “must-have” home features list. When it comes to island design, uniformity is uninviting. Trending this year are large islands with bold colors that contrast the rest of the kitchen.


A bright, well-lit kitchen is always in style. Trendsetters are using single pendant lights grouped in a dramatic or unexpected way this year. The non-traditional arrangement of pendant lights can make a statement in any kitchen. Size doesn’t matter: Mini pendants showcased at different heights are also making waves in kitchens.

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